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Lately I've been playing a lot of big band jazz, which turns out to be some of the most technical, most challenging and most rewarding music ever.

Really enjoying my new recording/rehearsal studio, and recently completed several projects, ranging from a Brazilian Jazz Show Band to recording an album of folk-rock originsls with singer-songwriter Gerry Rasch, and occasionally subbing and recording with a variety of bands in the Front Range.

These tracks are grouped by band, across a wide range of genera, from Jazz to classic rock to funky dance to lite-touch brushes to Salsa to over-the top acid jazz . Use headphones to hear the best detail because the drums are sometimes in the back of the mix.

All tracks were recorded live, direct to two-track, without benefit of clicks, overdubs, studio tricks, charts or in many cases, even a rehearsal. So what you hear is what you get. The engineering may be a bit dodgy because I was mixing and playing drum set at the same time (see Gear).

Boulder Big Band
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All or Nothing at All
Love For Sale
Bye Bye Blackbird
Satin Doll
Stompin' at the Savoy
Hay Burner
Chattanooga Choo-Choo
In the Mood
Route 66

String of Pearls

This 21 Piece BIG Band plays classics from the 30's, 40's, and 50's, including Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, and Buddy Rich, featuring vocalist Deborah Stafford.

Sissi Abreu e Sou Brazil
Tarde em Itapoã
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Amor I Love You
Asa Branca
Que Maravilha

Barracão de Zinco

This is the live demo CD we recorded for a recent Brazilian Jazz project, featuring Sao Paulo singer Sissi Abreu.

The music ranges from the sexy Samba and Bosa Nova classics by Tom Jobim and Sérgio Mendes to comtemporary artists Gal Costa and Zizi Possi. Click here to explore their music on MySpace.


Au Vivo, Sou Brazil featuring Sissi Abreu

with the Coyote Poets at Herman's

Coyote Poets of the Uinverse
Raff Riff
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Let it Flow
Tomorrow Never Knows

21st Century tribal music. This extraordinary 10-piece group is the live incarnation of Andy O's legendary "JazzTales" program on KUVO. They combine avant-guard jazz with spoken word to create a truely unique sound and show. I play drumset and percussion on all of these tracks. Click here to explore their music on MySpace.


Scott Free Band
Counting Blue Cars click to listen
Further On Up The Road
Mony Mony

"Classic Rock & Blues" here. Nothing fancy. But this hard-working six-piece covers band plays all over the Front Range. Bar owners love them because they get everyone on their feet and keep them dancing all night. Featuring Rick Lee on vocals and rhythm guitar, Steven Andrade on lead guitar, Jeff Rhinehart playing rhythm and lead guitar, and vocals. These tracks were taken from our live-to-2-track demo CD, recorded in the Fall of 2005. Not as technical as some of the stuff you'll hear below, but it's loud, physical, and lots of fun.

Rockin' at the Little Bear

Buckner Funken Jazz - Live at the Fox Theatre
Cold Duck Time
In Walked Bucky
Pass the Peas
Slug on a Stick

This seven-piece dance band is a fixture around Denver. It's led by trumpeter Rob Buckner, a long-time music educator for Denver Public Schools, and his brother Ron "B6" Buckner on six-string bass. And can these brothers lay it down! The lineup also includes electric guitar, keyboards, sax, drums and percussion. In Walked Bucky and Slug on a Stick are original, but the sound is definitely Old-School Funk. I was covering for their regular drummer while he took a few months break. We played a string of big-room shows to sold-out crowds at the Fox Theatre, Tulagi, 'Round Midnight, Herb's Hideout, and several other bars in the Denver area. A really dynamic, hard-hitting make-'um-boogie dance band. BIG fun!

Jordan Oliver & Flying Salsa
¿Quieres Bailar?

This seven-piece band plays "salsa from another planet." This most recent recording in the sampler (Live at Terrace Maya, July 7, ’04). It features Jordan Oliver on keyboards, and Mark DePaul on bass, with occasional guest artists on guitar and horns. A congero and timbalero round out the percussion section.

Jordan Oliver & Heartbeat Symphonia
Pyramid Suite

This piece is from a studio project completed in the winter of 2001 – 2002 for Unipeg Studios. Instrumentation includes two keyboards, electric guitar and bass, violin, cello, oboe, drums and percussion. It steps through several movements to capture the feel of a desert caravan.

Andrew Cox Quartet - New Years Eve Jam
Body & Soul
Recorded in Andrew's living room on December 31, 2001. Andrew Cox on an eight-foot Yamaha grand, Kirk Andersen playing Fender Jazz bass, and Dan Martin on Gibson electric guitar. Back in the early 90's, Andrew, Kirk and I played together regularly with the legendary vibraphonist Chris Allen. Then Chris moved to Albuquerque and I moved to Coal Creek. You hear us here reunited after a decade for dinner, drinks and our shared love of traditional jazz. Dan is sitting in with us for the first time, for what proved to be an outstanding session, with no audience except our wives and kids.

Andrew Cox Quintet - Denver Botanic Gardens
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

In March, 2004, the Denver Orchid Society asked me to organize a combo for the opening of their annual show at Denver Botanic Gardens. This group has a very traditional supper club sound, featuring Andrew on acoustic piano, and Georgann "Bunny" Low on vocals, Matt Paulson on guitar and Chris Boyer on upright bass.

Grooveyard Jazz Quartet - Mountain Grown
Mellow Mood

With Matt Powelson on guitar, Tom Westropp, electric piano, and Chris Boyer, electric bass, Grooveyard was already a working trio when I joined them in January 2003. We played a few casual parties and coffee houses together over the summer. Mellow Mood was recorded outdoors in June 2003 in the back yard of a home in Louisville at a high-school graduation party thrown by a friend of the bass player, for his daughter Allison. Naima was recorded during a Sunday afternoon jam at my house in Coal Creek Canyon.

Phatchance - Live at Sweetwater Junction
Help the Poor
My Little Runaway
Feelin' Alright

This local Rock & Roll bar band covers rock & blues classics, and includes Steve Jourdan on guitar, Kris Pancost on bass, Billy Martin on Hammond B3 organ and keyboards, and an occasional alto sax and percussion played by Brooke, the female lead singer. I sat in with them for this two-night gig, without a rehearsal. "Help the Poor" and "Runaway" are about as straight-ahead rock feel as it gets. On "Feelin' All Right," Billy plays a smokin' solo on his B3. Notice how the snare drum follows along, lick-for-lick. How did he do that?

The Left Channel - The Acid Jazz Sessions
Out of Order, Chaos
Missing Neices

The Left Channel is an ongoing project of Boulder bassist Scott Hill, who likes to bring musicians together in ever-changing configurations at his mountain studio. It's purely experimental, totally improvised, and may exhibit a deliberate disregard for conventions of tempo, timbre or time. This session features Scott on electric bass, my friend Steve, (the guitarist from Phatchance) and Dave (who's joining us for the first time), playing a trumpet through an elaborate rack of effects. This stuff is very tricky for the drummer, who has to interleave rhythms and tempos with the artificial loops created by the sampler and phase shifter. We don't know where this music came from; only that on this summer afternoon in the mountains it found its way through us and onto the tape.