Everything you want to know about me and my music
A Virtual Audition

Music runs in my family. It's just something I have to do.

Flexible and dynamic, with solid time and drive, from smoky-cocktail-lounge-lite-touch brushwork to classic rock, blues and funky stuff too. Latin, Afro-Cuban and Salsa, and contemporary fusions of all of the above.

Here you'll find most everything that you might want to know about me and my music, where you can review it at your leisure. Listen to the Music Samples and if you like what you hear, then by all means, let's play!

work: 800-247-9145
home: 800-713-8287
cell: 800-682-8385
e-mail: OrvelRay@GuerrillaGroup.com
snail mail: 34316 Gap Road, Golden, CO 80403

I play drumset, bongos, timbales, congas and all sorts of hand percussion, even vibes if you hold a gun to my head. I've started studying music in the 5th grade, played garage bands in high school, and lived in a musicians' commune during college. I've also run sound for other bands, and produced several albums. Today I have my own recording studio in the mountains near Boulder.

Jazz is my first love, but I have wide-ranging musical tastes, and will play almost anything, anywhere. Club work, one-nighters, road tours, cruise ships, casuals, showcases, concerts, studio recording, drum-machine programming, covers or originals.

Tastes run to Rippingtons, Spirogyra, Pat Metheny Group, Richard Elliott, David Benoit, Lee Ritenour, Yellow Jackets, Peter White and Larry Carlton, as well as the classics like Stones, Boston, Tower of Power, AWB, Santana, and anything in the Real Book. Influences range from Joao Palma to Steve Gadd and Harvey Mason. I've studied with Mike Marlier, Stanton Moore, Walt Kennedy and Dave Weckl.

In 2002, I had the opportunity to study music in Cuba, and it must have been in the drinking water, because I came home with clave in my blood. Apparently there's no known cure, so I've been expanding into timbales, bongos and all sorts of hand percussion. For the past year, I've been participating in a Santaria drum circle, studying the ancient rhythms that came over from East Africa with the slave trade, and that has transformed my whole approach.

The tracks in the Music Samples section showcase a wide range of styles and techniques, from lite-touch brushwork to polyrhythmic sambas, classic rock and way-out-there acid jazz.

I've done , so these recordings were compiled from a lot of session and fill-in work with several different bands. So put on a pair of headphones, sit back and explore the music.