All Live, and Some Just Made Up

The quality of the sound begins with the quality of your instruments, so I try to create the very best sound I can by investing in good equipment.

My acoustic rig is built around an extraordinary, early-70’s vintage Gretsch five-piece kit in rosewood (12, 13, 18, 22) with a Gretsch brass-shell snare (14x6) supplemented with three Remo Rototoms (6, 8, 10) and an LP Latin rack for blocks and bells. It features modern Drum Workshop double-kick pedals, hi-hats and double-brace stands, supporting an assortment of nine Zildjian, K and Sabian cymbals.

I used to think it was all about the gear, but lately I find myself doing a lot more with a lot less.

My mic kit includes an AKG d112 (kick), 2 AKG 1000s condensers (overhead), 4 Audix D 100s (toms and snare), and 5 Sure SM-51s (for hat and other instruments).

The Mixer is a 24-channel Barrenger Eurorack 2442A, with Alisis Nanoverb and Nanocompressor effects.

A pair of rack-mount Barrenger Composers provide four channels of compressor-limiter-gate, and does a great job of eliminating pedal noise, cross-talk and PA bleed-through, especially in loud, large-venue gigs.

My studio rig is a Rolland V-Drum Session Kit with DrumWorshop double-kick pedals, plus an extra
CD-9 dual-trigger pad and Expanded TD-10 sound module. This is a great setup for recording direct to analog, or as a MIDI kit.

It's also nice in small venues because it can play very quiet through the PA.

I've also used it in the pit orchestra for a community theatre group, where, in addition to drum set, it provided specialty sound effects including tympani, breaking glass, and even a car crash.

As if a drummer doesn't have enough junk to schlep around, I also have my own PA. It includes two monster Mackie SR1530 Active tri-amped (300-100-100w) 3-way loudspeakers for FOH, paired with two Mackie SRS1500 (600w) powered 15" subwoofers for punch-in-the-gut bass. 3,000 total watts will fill a large club quite nicely.


Sometimes we add a pair of Mackie SR450 powered 2-way (300-150w) speakers. These make make great on-stage monitors, or you can mount them on polls for smaller venues, (with or without the subs).

Add to the mix a timbale setup, with blocks and bells, and a big bag of shakers, noisemakers and toys, and we can put together just about any kind of rhythm sound you can wish for.